1. Welcome Verdran Bosnic to IBC Croatia team
  2. EuroBasket: Spain wins gold for fourth time!
  3. There are only 7 spots left. Registration ends on June 30!
  4. The second IBC Croatia basketball camp has started in Omiš
  5. Croatia Player List for Upcoming 2023 Basketball World Cup Qualifications Published

James Purchin

Who is James Purchin?

James Purchin is a Basketball Skills Coach & Consultant with Pure Sweat. His
services are for players ranging from youth-professional level. He has trained &
helped 100s of his full-time clients reach their dreams playing in college &
James has also ran over 25 clinics Internationally & all across the United States.
He leads players through a customized curriculum by providing the latest skill
development information, teaching points and concepts through intense,
innovative drills, that will serve the specific needs to the players & teams.
Additionally, James coaches & helps run a year round AAU program in Oregon,
assist in NBA Pre-Draft, & conducts coaching clinics that services all around the



Jillian Alleyne – Minnesota Lynx
“James is dedicated to developing the craft of his athletes. His ability to understand, translate and teach the game is
impeccable. In my workouts I see the time and attention to detail that he puts in to make sure he’s giving and getting the best
out of his players”

Quinton Adlesh – USC
“James helped organize our workouts with a purpose in mind. The purpose was then communicated throughout our sessions
and helped me prepare with game skills to game results”

Ashlyn Herlihy – Santa Clara University / KORTRIJK SPURS – DA
“James is beyond any trainer I’ve ever worked with. I credit my success on the court to James and his relentless spirit to make
me the best version of myself. James transformed my game and taught me techniques that are a staple in my playing career. “