1. Welcome Verdran Bosnic to IBC Croatia team
  2. The second IBC Croatia basketball camp has started in Omiš

James Purchin

Who is James Purchin?

James Purchin is a Basketball Skills Coach & Consultant with Pure Sweat. His
services are for players ranging from youth-professional level. He has trained &
helped 100s of his full-time clients reach their dreams playing in college &
James has also ran over 25 clinics Internationally & all across the United States.
He leads players through a customized curriculum by providing the latest skill
development information, teaching points and concepts through intense,
innovative drills, that will serve the specific needs to the players & teams.
Additionally, James coaches & helps run a year round AAU program in Oregon,
assist in NBA Pre-Draft, & conducts coaching clinics that services all around the



Jillian Alleyne – Minnesota Lynx
“James is dedicated to developing the craft of his athletes. His ability to understand, translate and teach the game is
impeccable. In my workouts I see the time and attention to detail that he puts in to make sure he’s giving and getting the best
out of his players”

Quinton Adlesh – USC
“James helped organize our workouts with a purpose in mind. The purpose was then communicated throughout our sessions
and helped me prepare with game skills to game results”

Ashlyn Herlihy – Santa Clara University / KORTRIJK SPURS – DA
“James is beyond any trainer I’ve ever worked with. I credit my success on the court to James and his relentless spirit to make
me the best version of myself. James transformed my game and taught me techniques that are a staple in my playing career. “